MarketWatch: Thurs 20th

October 20, 2011 § 3 Comments


8am: Markets flat. Some troubling data out of China this morning. But I never know what that means. Dress down day. We were told to come incognito to avoid detection by protestors on streets. Nathan came in wearing kid fawn gloves, a full length Cashmere coat, a £2000 Pitpick & Buxton suit, Wallaston cuffs, Gucci loafers and Rolex. The man has little decorum.

I came in my country clothes, old Barbour, cordury pants, fishing hat. Policeman stopped me and barred me right-of-way in Lomb St. Mistook me for a protestor. The nerve!

2pm: Unconfirmed reports that Qadaffi captured, killed, alive, then dead again. Markets swinging around like a dead dictator. Come on people! Calm down.

3pm: Nathan and Ashwin threw lot of monopoly money out of window at protesters. They claim to be celebrating G-Day. Or Q-Day.

5pm: Quadaffi dead, markets volatile, protests on the streets. At least I managed to have lunch today. Tonight I will be publishing a thought piece on the misery index. The words may not be entirely my own.


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§ 3 Responses to MarketWatch: Thurs 20th

  • whatdoyouthink says:

    “Nathan and Ashwin threw a lot of monopoly money out of the window at the protesters”…..well, that about sums it up since this is the currency that you people really “trade” – sorry – play with every day. I’d have had more respect if N and A had thrown real notes at the protesters.Atleast those can still – (for how much longer?) – be traded for REAL sustaining goods such as a coffee and cake.

  • whatdoyouthink says:

    Well, we all know what happened to the arrogant bitch who made that comment!Not long after she could no longer laugh.IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!!
    Sexbank – so banks are resorting to trading sex now – must be desperate.

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