EU Crisis– A Laughable Solution

October 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yes us traders are laughing this morning.

As I opened my curtain I saw a squirrel (German) searching for nuts among the garden foliage. He’d just picked one up off the floor when an almighty squelch of white dropped on his head from a laughing magpie (Greeks) perched on the branch of the tree above. It was quite funny seeing the squirrel run around covered head-to-foot in the stuff. It couldn’t see where it was going and kept bumping into my garden furniture. Dunno what happened to it, probably got eaten by a cat.

What a great metaphor for the current union ‘solution’ which has had us in stitches today. Ashwin bet the exact 2% rise in the Dax, and I luckily followed his call and have scooped up a nice little packet. He has now posted a big sign above his Bloomberg saying ‘Sic transit gloria mundi,’ which roughly translates into the expression ‘buyer beware!’

In other words— shorts on! Hear what Soros says if you don’t believe me (fall of the Soviet Union).

Who do you believe? Soros or some beefed up political naifs (look it up) muching sausages and snails? Perhaps John Major’s eloquence in the FT this morning will further convince you.

I will be doing my best to update you through this ‘momentous’ day with my MarketWatch.


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