Weekend Diary: Jesus v Bankers

October 29, 2011 § Leave a comment


…..was a man with a straggly beard and long hair. The other has a slicked back haircut, dresses only in Cerruti suits and Church shoes. One ate bread and wine. The other only eats F&Mason olive focaccia and drinks A-Dan ‘Black’ bottled beer (no lime). One rode on a donkey (FFS!). The other drives an Aston Martin Cygnet. One barely earned enough to travel to Jerusalem. The other earns 700k per year in basic and bonuses*** and holidays in Jamaica.

This morning’s op-ed in the Telegraph reminds me why no one should ever read journalism. The man who wrote it is clearly bitter about his shoddy lifestyle, and his support for Jesus which shows that he is an inveterate Christian (not Laboutin) is f***ng annoying. Should a man with such deeply held religious beliefs be allowed to write for a newspaper?

This passage really riled me. “It is intensely annoying for such people – and for my taxi driver and the people who sweep the streets and serve in the coffee shops and keep the IT systems working – to find their City turned into a stage-set for a facile morality play.” I mean in among the disgruntled IT men, the sweepers and the latte pourers he goes on about, is there even a mention of us bankers? NO! FFS, OMG, FU IMHO.

Anyway…the so-called protestors are likely to go home this week. Merkel and Sarkozy have agreed a trillion pound bailout. And I’m off to the country this afternoon. So all will be well in the world. Or will it?

Secret Banker (Tim Green)

***By the way I only put the 700k sum as what an average trader would earn. Figures distorted by new hires and analysts who earn a lot less.



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