MarketWatch: Thurs 3rd

November 3, 2011 § 5 Comments


9am: O God what a sh1t day. Markets tumbling, bonds rising, currencies flailing and to cap it all off I heard that Nathan pulled Frankie from the Saturdays at the GQ awards! I had to swallow my McMuffin to stop myself from choking.


§ 5 Responses to MarketWatch: Thurs 3rd

  • whatdoyouthink says:

    Beautiful comment in the FT today.

    “The essence of Investment Banking is off-course betting on vapour.”

    Sums it up perfectly.


  • whatdoyouthink says:

    You’ve got time to write a comment on Gillian Tett’s article in the FT this morning.
    Go on!Have a go while you crunch away losing millions and hiding your losses in the little pocket you call an escrow account,all the while spraying McMuffin crumbs on your keyboard.
    You must had intelligence once,(after all Harrow and St Andrews don’t normally accept dumbos IMHO),before you went into investment banking and the rot set in.
    Nikkei up 161 today.Good?bad?Indifferent?Never mind ,you have a stonking new highest tech TV to play with this weekend.
    BTW,let’s be negative about me, to turn the other cheek,which they like to do at St Paul’s.I count myself amongst the feckless so I have plenty of time.All my earnings are in euros so I’m about to be f…ed!

  • whatdoyouthink says:

    Moan X 3? Is that a response?
    Come on man. I’m banker baiting.Fight back!

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