Hard Day’s Day

November 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

What a day! Pheeew, I’ve only just stopped working. Paul has been on the warpath. Came in a terrible mood this morning. Apparently had awful time on the course over weekend– hit 17 shots on one hole– infront of another MD, Simeon Gallaghan from NY. I could barely suppress the laughter. Think he saw this and so vented fury at me. Got me crunching numbers on the new Yokohama Sewing Machine Corps deal. Now that is a humiliation.

My own weekend was barely any better. Night out with Mike turned into a disaster. Went to a bonfire in Barnes, terrible snacks and company. Left to go to Annabels. Was too drunk, ended up being sick in the back of the taxi. Mike sent me home. Heard he pulled a Victoria’s Secret model. Then the ultimate indignity– my new TV won’t work. I plugged in all the wires exactly as directed on manual but nothing. Nada. Nein. I’ve missed Strictly, Downton and the Antiques Roadshow!

Does anyone know what happened in Strictly then? Ashwin said Greece has got a new PM. Huh, like I care.


§ One Response to Hard Day’s Day

  • whatdoyouthink says:

    Oh dear ,how sad this all is.
    Get a life man.Go and visit those nice people at St Paul’s and invest in a little grey cell stimulation.
    And……… stand up to that barrow boy shit who has even got the balls to drive.

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