I make a killing

November 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

Hot Dog, just hit a homer!

Yokohama Sewing up 29% on float- in your face Paul. Look at him, skulking around like a sour walrus. Nothing could give me more pleasure. How he wishes he hadn’t put me on the account!

Met Mike from JP this afternoon. He is going on about girls as usual. His latest conquest etc. Is in buoyant mood. Says that Euro bank profits crunched but his own US bank is raking it in as others are savaged. Puts me in mind of a programme I saw the other day (not on my new TV which is kaput) about a hippo corpse which was munched up by scavenging hyenas and crocodiles, while the noble Lions stayed away to feast on more upmarket fare. Indeed as Lloyds, HSBC and the rest die, the vampires from the West suck up the dripping blood on the ground.

Hear rumours of new body joining the fray. I wonder who it could be……


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§ One Response to I make a killing

  • whatdoyouthink says:

    You’re a weird guy.Shizo?You complain elswehere how much you dislike the Yanks modus operandi when they come in and take over operations.(Fairly typical reaction of snobbish traditionally educated public school boys in the City when faced with incoming US management -seen it myself).
    And yet you appear to exult when “the vampires from the West suck up the dripping blood on the ground”.
    Just extra proof that investment bankers are driven nuts by their desire for “boni”
    By the way do you actually know anything about Yokohama Sewing ie what they actually do/make,product range,markets,employment, global reach or are they just a profit balloon to blow up and pop when profit inflation reaches its limits?

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