GS Rule the world

November 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

Was chatting to Ashwin– says that new Italian PM Mario World is ex-Gilbert & Sullivan.  They are clever buggers. I wish that we showed more initiative like that.

List of other ex-GS in Eur and US politics: Mario Draghi, Papademos, Corzine, Rubin, Prodi, Mandelson and Montgomerie. I remember seeing the last two at the GS book of the year awards a few years ago. You should’ve seen the smirk on Mandy’s face, mooching like no one before….

PS In 2001 GS worked with Italy on a series of ir swaps to lower the country’s budget deficit. Could Monty have been advising on this? I know that Papademouse was involved with the Greek Freek (massaging swap trade)….at least that’s what Ashwin tells me.

Update (from Ashwin): Actually Prodi, ex-It PM, who worked with GS to carve up budget shortfall using irs in 1997. Why choose GS? Because he was ex-GS. See Gustavo Piga paper, Isma, 2001. Slipped under radar post-9/11 blues.


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