December 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

The bonus  is back on.

On Friday I had the most exciting meeting of my life with Nakamura. I admit even I was nervous. Walking into their offices in Mayfair my palms began to sweat. The office is a must-see. Old paintings adorn the walls. Oak and pink marble. Rich, opulent…classy. Superb.

I was met by David Tedoshi, head trader, European fixed income/macro. An impressive man– half Japanese/half English, degrees from Harvard and Yale, black-slicked back hair, killer suit (Albermale). He really was a nice chap, small delicate hands like a woman’s. But ruthless eyes.

Here’s the deal: Nakamura has a huge position on a small European country. Its rival, I can’t tell you their name, is playing the other side. Nakamura want me to prop up this country for the next few weeks. Buy debt, talk them up, get my analysts to put their hand in their pockets, bring out favours….the usual stuff.

However this needs to be done on the low-low. I cannot tell anyone what I’m up to. It’s the future of the European economy at stake. Which is also causing me the troubles. Hard to fight such huge forces. Luckily things ticked up in the last few days- might help. And Nakamura have promised me a wooden chunk of custom.

Now that the government is trying to clamp down on bonuses again this could certainly be my final term at the bank. But if I do this well, would it be wrong of me to believe that I might be elsewhere this time next year? 🙂 Flame on!


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  • Robert Browne says:

    Hope the small country is not “Ireland” because it is going to get harder and harder to “talk it up” in fact, Ireland has benefitted from its cold wet climate nobody wants to come and do the leg work also the fact that practically 99% of all available stat’s on the economy spew from government controlled or union controlled (same thing) sources.

    Glad to see some doors opening for you and I would love to meet with such cold ruthless people of such impeccably good taste, all ways heart warming!

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