Doing Gods work is never easy

December 13, 2011 § Leave a comment


the first time in my life I am tasked with saving a country. Its only a minor one, but one which has enough of a DP to make an attack on it very lucrative. So why am I taking the other side? Well those of you who follow this blog closely will know that I was asked to do so by a client, a very powerful client, with whom I want in.

They in turn have a strong and worthy sense of what is right and what is wrong. Having seen their rival (a vulture fund) going into the country to ruin it, my client has decided to do what is correct. And I am their gun for hire. I am James Bond.

I need to battle the vultures for another week when my client will have enough surety to step in and take over the vulture. Crush it in other words.

But who would know how tough it can be to be a buyer……nobody in the city ever buys anything. We want to dissolve structures and raise our own in their place. Its the simple law of the wild. Eat or be eaten. Kill or be killed. Swallow or be swallowed.

And here I am a swallow not a swallower. I never knew I could do this.

But no let me not waver. I am on a righteous path. Let truth be my sword and honour be my shield. For at last, at long long last, I am doing Gods work.


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