In my end is my beginning

March 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

Rothmans conference in Berne last weekend.

They were all out at a party afterwards where Nathan copped off with some girl from the Fridays (a pop band apparently). And you know what- he had to pretend that he WASN’T a banker!

How the world changed. My young nephew has just been accepted to intern at Goldman. I told him in no uncertain terms– WIDE BERTH CHAP! He said he was going to turn it down anyway. (His actual words were “Do you think I’m a fucking moron. Of course I’m going to turn it down.” I had to have a word with my sister to teach the little prick some manners).

He knows as well as anyone that THERE IS NO FUTURE IN THIS BUSINESS. I told him to start a prop shop, its the only way to make money. Start young, get yourself a Bloomy and get out there. After all a bank won’t pay you. (His actual reply was that he wanted to become a rock star. Imbecile!)

On brighter note, Greece has fallen. Thus does the empire crumble. Markets are just waiting to rip the whole edifice down! Rome is next. See this note in 3 months time.

I return with renewed hope in the destructive efficiency of the capital markets. Flame on!


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