Greg Smith: A worm is born

March 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Story of the month, nay of the year, is the Greg Swift, Goldman letter. Now normally I wouldn’t give this piece of trivia a second thought but many of you have been clamouring for my reaction, my verdict and my counsel.

So here it is:

A man is born. A man enters school. A man is singled out as a nerd. A man has no friends and wears tight shorts and turns to table tennis for consolation. A man is no doubt bullied. A man grows. A man finds his vocation analysing mathematical equations and enters an investment bank. A man is proud. A man is boastful. A man is happy. But a man is still a nerd…and a man is still bullied.

A man earns money but has no girlfriend to spend it on. A man sees other men rise higher than him and is disgruntled. A man continues to play table tennis and can only win bronze medal. A man is broken. A man peers into the abyss and he sees looking back at him his reflection. He is still…. a nerd.

That is when he sets out to make himself into someone. He wields his mighty sword and in the most duplicitous, disloyal, cowardly way possible contacts the only men lower than him, the op-ed folk at the NYT.

A worm is made.



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