Confession– this may offend

April 1, 2012 § 1 Comment

I have AIDS.

It is terminal. It began last year. I was in Caesar’s gentleman’s sauna and was sucking a big dude’s black cock. As soon as he splooshed into my mouth I felt something funny. Being a swallower I of course took it all down but worried about it the next day.

Who was the man? I don’t know. He was just another random on the long list of male whores I have been going out with. I was to never see him again. But a few days later I started to feel a bit dizzy. It happened whilst I was at work on a currency trade on which I lost a million. At that point I felt that there was something utterly wrong with me. I mean I lose the bank money all the time, but on this occasion I started to feel a bit weird about it.

This had never happened to me before. I put it down to stress. Anyway after work I went back down to Caesars to be trussed up like a chicken and rodgered anally by a ********* star (who later died). But something was wrong. I continued to feel guilty. I thought about this and the trade and the people I was hurting. Ad nauseum.  Playing it back over and over in my mind. What was wrong with me?????

I went home and watched some pissy porn and beat myself off. And still…..that wretched feeling. Infact it was worse than ever. Later that day my mother called me and I cried on the phone to her. She hung up halfway through telling me to stop being a pathetic cretin. Yet the guilt has continued. Every day since that I have felt guiltier and guiltier. I go to sleep crying, I wake up crying. I lose more and more money and I have actually taken to buying things for other people.

I can only conclude from this that I have AIDS.

APRIL FOOLS!!! Ha ha got you!!!



§ One Response to Confession– this may offend

  • Robert Browne says:

    I was just going to offer you a safe haven to get away from it all but now I guess that will not be necessary. Take care my friend!

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