Civil liberties

April 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Big Brother

The subject of individual liberty is much in the press and my post from yesterday got many people confused. What were you talking about they said? Are you alright Tim? Have you really got AIDS?!

I am glad that it proved such a talking point because of course that was the intention. Someone called me the Damien Hirst of the banking world and to be honest I wouldn’t totally disagree (though I think I have more talent.) Raw, edgy, vital.

Because my thoughts keenly anticipated the brouhaha over the internet we see today– which I think is very terrible for us all– I might also be called a visionary. And there’s no doubt that the idea is bad. But you see we bankers are used to it. For what the government has proposed the bank enacted several months ago. Snooping on our work mails. Gone are the days when we could call our clients a HUMOUNGOUS TURDHEAD or GIGANTIC TOSSERFACE. One wrong expression and you are gone. It’s awful.

Rahan was trying to explain to me his favourite childhood programme the other day and its so sad but he couldn’t because he couldn’t use THAT word. He kept repeating green frog, pink pig over and over until I thought he would have a nervous breakdown. Greg Smith ruined it for us all. So you can see why, with all that pressure, we do sometimes need to let it all out in an outpouring of emotion.

And so I would like to be the first one to stand up and fight for an individual’s right to civil liberty. Anyone else?

PS: I met Ross Kemp, the actor, on the firing range today. He’s big, muscles, solid grip on the AK. But got defective eyesight. A bit like a rhino. Not very good with targeting. I matched him shot for shot. Ripped a hole as wide as an a** in the paper man.


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