The Eurozone- Dead!

July 12, 2012 § 2 Comments

There’s too much debt.

And we are creating more of it. The EFDS is just a temporary solution to alleviate short-term pain. We have a serious crisis on our hands. And the Europeans are doing nothing about it!

The Greek haircut is going to be 60%. Imagine you lose 60% of your savings and it’s legal! You’d never lend anyone anything again! And if you won’t buy debt then how on earth will people who haven’t worked a day in their life change their ways? Yes the Eurozone, the Euro, the EU, its all dead! Dead! Dead! Dead!

I say this from a very personal experience I had recently.

Last month I attended a party at the German embassy. It was organised by a friend of mine, Dick Schneider, who works in the EU commission, a mate from Harrow. Good guy but a little dim, even if I do say so myself.

Anyway the German ambassador had invited a number of nationalities from all over London.  The French and Italians came from Notting Hill, Germans from South Kensington and of course English in attendance from whichever Home County they’d managed to catch taxis from.

Things began very pleasantly. The German canapés were a revelation, there were a decent few bottles of Riesling and the ambassador’s wife looked utterly sparkling. Drinks flowed, people chatted and men drank. At about 9pm, however, things started to get a little rowdy. An Italian called Luigi started to talk about politics. He began mouthing off about how the English mistreated his friend Fabio Capello.

“Eenglish football ooligans, But why? Eh?”

As an Italian he was proud that one of his countrymen was leading the English national team, and the national press were nothing more than a pack of baying wolves! Now a number of Brits were pretty offended by this little man’s posturing.

“Oi wop what the f**k are you talking about,” said the English ambassador to the U.S.“Capello came here because he knew the Italians are thieveing, cheating, corrupt, sex-crazed bastards. And I mean that in the literal sense.”

Of course the German ambassador tried to jump in and resolve the matter. A punch was thrown and the ambassador slumped to the floor. The Italian jumped onto a table and started throwing kicks at anyone who would come up and challenge him.

My friend Dick went over to thump him when a French bod stuck his leg out and tripped him over.

Now that just wasn’t fair, so I went in and thumped him one. Meanwhile the German ambassador was lying like a floppy sack on the ground, and getting sneaky kicks from various German haters there  (meaning everyone).

A man ran off with a plate of sausages and threw them up in the air.

Dick was incensed at the waste of schnitzel and sauerkraut—a critical moment in the war.

“I don’t think you’ve thought about the consequences of this,” he screamed before running full pelt at the French ambassador and flaying him to the ground. He then jumped on top of his chest and began to hurl punches at his face, like a rutting chimpanzee.

Women were crying, babies screaming, Swiss fainting. O god it was chaos. So imagine….If this is the kind of behaviour that you find at a German ambassadors party what kind of consensus will you find in the EU Parliament?


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