Hedge Fund Towers

July 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Life is good. I slept in today until nearly 6am. The commute into work takes me only 40 minutes and I am home at 8pm. This is the life. When I think back to all those useless hours spent at the bank I wonder what on earth I was thinking.

I trade macro meaning that I look at economic themes as they develop throughout the day. This can be anything from a European cluster fuck to a Saudi merger arb (conducted through a veil of secrecy). Whatever I feel. No more Tamagashi Sewing, speaking to some Japanese pension fund for me anymore.

Mike and I have resurrected that old spirit from our school days. We go around shouting at brokers how useless they are and then throw them a bunch of trades as apology. They happily take both.

Anyway a lot of you have asked about my severance pay. You’ll be happy to know it was good. Paul tried to shaft me with the old “your stock options are locked in for another 3 years” b.s. I pulled out a tape recording of him screaming orders to lower the Libor fix. He crapped himself there and then. After a long convo with Dean in NY he came out with a seven figure sum.

Over and out at HF Towers.


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