Olympic, gold and a dead rat

August 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Knight Capital– what a misnomer.

I prefer to concentrate on the Olympics today. Team GB has won3 golds in a momentous day’s action. Nicola Pendelton and her… ok who am I kidding.

I hit the fucking jackpot. Gold medal. 4 trades came off– call it luck or chance or fate, fucking hell call it skill I don’t know. But I had a couple of strangles on the S&P which made me a bumper payout from the vol.

Speaking of strangles– Fassbender. I am hot on the tail. Most mornings I come in and ask the market– do you know Fassbender. Few do. After all who would take any notice of a ratings agency analyst.
However today I call a friend of a friend who works at Molton Cap– the same that published report on chaos theory by DF. Chad says that the guy came into the office all arrogant like. Mouthing off, humping around and shouting his trap.

He was a little freak and the guys at Molton were amazed that he was able to author this level of analysis. WHAT they found more interesting however was the guy who he brought with him.

He told me this was a young guy with a mind like a knife. He immediately identified flaws in their trading models. He was a prodigy. Chad believes that this was the guy who actually authored the report. I ask him where I can find him. No one knows.

Then later I dined at Claridges. It was that Danish guy Pizzo Piazzo. Awful food. I perked up though after getting the end of day rec– up twenty bucks.

PS — I hear of more Libor-related news coming out in the next few days. Barclays ‘helpful’ antics have ruined it for everyone it seems. “Why didn’t they just keep their mouths shut,” asks my friend Roland who works at a prominent Swiss bank. Now if they started investigating that………


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