A disturbing weekend

August 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

A disturbing weekend. Someone has been reading my blog. These notes which I thought were nothing but the throwaway reminiscences of a restless intellect have reached the outside world. And I am fearful of the consequences. Let me take you through what happened.

Friday evening: I’d wrapped up my trades for the weekend and was about to leave the office. Just as I had picked up my golf bag the phone rang. I deliberated whether to answer but then thinking it might be the delivery men for my new 78 inch flatscreen system, I did. It was a foolish decision.

The voice at the other end was a muffled moan. It said two words–

“Dorien Fassbender.”

At first I thought it was Mike playing a joke. I hung up the phone. But it immediately rung again. The voice at the other end let out an awful groan.

“The photo,” it said and clicked off.

Saturday: I’d spent most of the day at Wentworth. It had been a good day and I’d more or less forgotten the call the evening before. Just as I was getting into the flat though I saw a package outside my front door. I picked it up and opened it straight away. An awful stench rose out and a photo fell into my hands.

It was a close up of an eye. Reflected in the eye was: Dorien Fassbender. As you can imagine I pretty much keeled over. On the back of the photo was scrawled in red ink “a fan, 22.11.”

Sunday: I was pretty shaken up by the previous night’s incident so booked myself a room in the Savoy. I’d deliberated whether to go to the police. But then wasn’t sure how much they could do for me.

Monday: Back to work. At 10.40am I get a call. It is from Michael Devitt. He tells me he is an analyst at Chase X bank. He says that he received a message to call me today. I tell him I don’t know who he is and that I never left any message for anyone at Chase X. He says he got a voicemail from a Tim Green, urging him to call this number at twenty to eleven.

It hits me. I ask him if he has ever had any contact with people at rating agencies. He says no. I ask him what he does. He says he is a computer programmer. I ask him does he play chess. He says yes, actually he used to play competitively. I pick up the photo sent to me. In the reflected image is Dorien Fassbender. He is holding a chess piece in his left hand.

Now if anyone reading this might know what is going on I urge you to stop now.



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