Tuesday 7th

August 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have arranged a meeting with Devitt. He was confused by the situation, reticent and unwilling. But I have impressed on him the need for us to get together.

He says he knew Dorien Fassbender. He met him in a chess tournament some years ago. But wouldn’t say more. I will find out in person if he is telling the truth. Or is he some kind of strange lunatic following me?

We’ve seen some churning markets of late after what happened last week. But its only the beginning.

I hear rumours of more bank scandals coming out. The poor saps at St Chart got it in the neck because they are the most lily-livered of the lot. Unable to pose a threat to industry and regulator they’ve taken the whip across the buttocks. The SEC wants English blood. Now if they went after any of the real banks (investment) you’d have scandals blowing the doors off. Tales which would make Eliot Spitzer’s dance with a lady of the night seem like mother’s milk.

I mean has no one asked why it was the FSA– the last bastion in incompetence– that blew the whistle on Barclays? Where was the SEC?

The FSA may be incompetent, but when it comes to sleeping with prostitutes they’re mere schoolboys. The Street has wads of information on just about every single US regulator which would be enough to make them miss breakfast several times over (and it is VERY unusual for a US regulatory official to miss a free breakfast).

Anyway I have no idea what I am rambling on about. Who cares about regulators. Things are much more serious than that. More news to come. Until then– just don’t invest in anything.


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