Dorien Fassbender: More clues

August 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Late last week I had the meeting with Devitt, the computer programmer at Chase. This triggered such a strange turn of events that I barely know where to start recounting it all. Well, in the words of Napoleon, I will try.

Devitt– a person who I’ve never heard of– called me late last week. He claimed he’d been told to do so in a telephone recording which I left him. At the same time I received a photo with an image of Dorien Fassbender. Anyway look at my previous blog if you want reminding, time is precious and I don’t have the time to spend inordinate minutes….

Foolishly I suggested we meet at t’Ledbury. Yes I was mistaken but I thought if this was a crazy then there’d be enough people there who knew (and liked) me to rescue me from trouble.

Unfortunately that also meant that more people would see me with this strange, awful looking man. He walked in at 9pm and stood out like a sore thumb. Actually sore bumhole is a more apt description (I apologise if this image may offend some). It wasn’t just his clothes– a v-necked jumper with nothing on underneath and a pair of denim jeans for God’s sake! But his shifty eyes, his greasy hair and second-hand spectacles, his nose, his unshaven neck, the spots on this chest— ugh.

Foolishly I had asked for a table right in the middle where everyone could see me. I noted my old friend Menhauser who was about to walk up to me to ask me about some deal or other but then walked straight past when he saw the company I was with.

Ho hum…..anyway Devitt ordered very little food. I too was unable to eat. He told me that he has been working as a derivatives modeller for several years now. He doesn’t see much action in the bank since they’ve normally got him hidden in the basement with the other computer men making abstruse calculations for the hedge fund desk.

But he said something out of the ordinary happened a few months ago. He got into the bank from being an expert chess player– they’d felt he could design something algo-based to run their quant strategies on, with a chess formula basis. He tells me he had been struggling until one day, by chance, he saw an old figure from the past– Dorien Fassbender. The two had crossed paths before– in a couple of chess tourneys.

By all accounts DF was a mediocre chess player, never had the skills to think for himself and was formulaic and predictable. So he quickly abandoned chess to become a RA analyst. But this time when Devitt met him he was flushed by success. A new Austin Metro car, expensive suit, glasses– the works.

They went out and got drunk in some seedy little bar somewhere. DF was flashing his cash and starts talking about a new algo model he’s been creating. His words sound nonsensical– he says that this model can run every single algo based strategy in the world. It works on something called hyper-hyper predictability. It can destroy markets etc etc.

Devitt told me he though Fassbender was bragging as he always used to. He paid him no heed. At the end of the night as they were leaving Fassbender, who is wildly drunk, says– “it wasn’t me. It wasn’t me it was Bradley. It’s Bradley who did it all.”

And then he passed him a card with a link to a website. He wrote a password on the back and told Devitt to hold onto it.



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