Dorien Fassbender: More Clues, Part 2

August 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

We’d just finished the main course when Devitt said he needed the toilet. He had been acting very strangely throughout, looking about him with shifty eyes and a seedy expression. I was thankful that the so-called ‘meeting’ was drawing to a close and had just asked for the bill when I hear a loud wailing noise coming from the toilets. Suddenly the door flies open and out storms the figure of Devitt his head wrapped in toilet paper arms aloft wailing like a banshee!

He ran straight out of the door and out into the street where he was hit by a passing taxi and died on the spot!
The police questioned me for several hours to find out what had happened. I recounted all the facts and told them I knew nothing– which was generally true. Except for one thing. Before running out into the middle of the street his head wrapped in toilet paper to be smashed by a taxi, Devitt had given me a card. It was the same one Fassbender had given him– the one with the website address. Immediately as I got home I plugged in my computer and called up the site.

The screen went momentarily blank. Then a login space appeared. I entered the code written on the other side of the card. This could be the solution to everything I needed. My Valhalla. But unfortunately it hasn’t worked.

So I am sitting here with a mystery in my hands. Who can tell me how to unlock this code? How can I access the site? I’m completely certain that it will tell me all about the mysterious programme that Fassbender was working on with the young man, who remains unidentified. It may point to his death, but more importantly, if what Devitt said is true, the algorithm that they developed would be the most important find since the efficient portfolio hypothesis.

I’ve called my old programmer Anil who could help, but the blighter’s gone on holiday to Pakistan or somewhere. It’s not the best month to be following leads anyway. Liquidity is thin, news slow, traders pretty bored. Off to St Ives this weekend.

Another aside: Gale Tate– the journalist who I spoke to in March has been calling me. She wants to meet. I have told her that I must swim but she’s promised me some kind of revelation. I couldn’t quite hear her properly but something to do with Wonkycock or something.

Anyway my previous meeting with her was one of my crowning moments of the year. I might invite her to St Ives. Who knows what may happen?


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