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August 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

In the film Casablanca there is a famous scene involving a loaded roulette wheel which falls on the number 22. Rick advises Jan to bet on this number and so saves his girlfriend Annina from prostituting herself to raise money for their visas.

The number always seemed to have a poignant significance to me. Special things happened on this date. Successes. Triumphs. Chance encounters. I didn’t know why, why this one in particular. Then last week I finally cracked the mysterious website.

At first I was confused. There’s no trading system, analytical charts, data…none of that. None of the things I’d expected. Just shadowy boxes with weird symbols. It was all a confusion of chaos. But gradually I have started to unpick the puzzle. Slowly I am starting to unlock its secrets.

What is the website?

Somehow Fassbender had entered into a secret networking website– though saying that is a disservice to the thing. There is no algorithm. But there are the contacts of some of the most important men in the world. Locked together in a secret society. Soros? Pah he doesnt even make it here. But his new wife does. Prince Al Waleed? No, but his personal secretary is here. The porter of Le Rosey. The captain at arms at the Palace. The locksmith at the treasury. These people make things happen.

And now it’s become clear. If you want to move markets this is how you do it– it’s not a financial model. It’s people.

Facebook? Billionaire? Asmallworld? Don’t be stupid…..this is Gold. This is 22.


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