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May 16, 2016 § Leave a comment


Some of you fuckers have been reading my last post and writing in telling me that I’m a dickhead.

Many of you want me to publish an apology. A retraction. An admission of guilt.

To you I say “Fuck you. Fuck you in the ass. Fuck you sideways because you ain’t getting a sorry out of me!”

Okay, I’m a little fraught today. Yep my holding in Valeant’s nosedived. And for all those of you wanting me to say sorry for getting the call wrong– do you want me to show you my portfolio? No. Forget it. No way. Don’t blame me. Blame Bill.

How was I to have known that Bill Ackman–Blue-chip Bill, Bill with the big balls–one of the greatest hedge funders of our times, greater than Soros, Gekko and Paulson combined–would well and truly lose the plot. How could I–how could any of us–know he would go totally and utterly, completely, unconditionally incompetent, a barmy nincompoop with snake tongue? Do you seriously think I’d have backed him if I knew that?

Or maybe he was already unhinged? A chancer who got lucky a few times in his life? Who knows– I never will.

Yes, in this crazy world we all live in sometimes it’s impossible to see the madness before our eyes. These days the worst of us are filled with passionate intensity. The best lack conviction.

But it’s easy to blame me. It’s an easy game to play. But I refuse. I refuse to accept your blame. For I, for one, am blameless. It’s Bill that did it.


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