I am a banker.

I work at XX a German bank HEDGE FUND. I am tired of life as a scum-sucking vampire. They want blood– they’ll get blood. You want the truth? You got the truth. Question is– can you handle it? If you can then join me. I will be bringing out a new revelation on this site every Friday.

Tim Green, investment banker

PS I schooled at Harrow before reading land management at St Andrews. My first job was at Warburgs, oh it seems like a good old while ago now. After that I worked at Pierce and Pierce a U.S investment bank. Left there to mull things over. But like a moth to a flame the City dragged me back in. Now I work as a Nikkei index trader at XX bank.

Its a tough job. And compensation levels have been on hold for nearly two years. In order to revive my fortunes, and tell the truth, I am writing a book. But you can read all about it here.

PPS: My thought pieces section includes exclusive comment by some of the greatest financial thinkers of our day (unfortunately Gillian Tett refused to contribute).


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