A good few of you have been asking me- “So what does an investment banker do in his spare time. What keeps you happy in that challenging world of yours, which places do you party, where do you eat, how do you stimulate yourself.” Well in order to give you a little more insight into the world of an IB I have decided to draw up a list of likes and dislikes. Some of them may shock you in their simplicity and you may find that you even share some of them! Happy reading!


Running: Hyde Park

Gym: Usually train at 52 degrees, Chelsea

Music: U2, Gypsy Kings, Toploader, Michael Buble (modern day Frank Sinatra)

Hot bubble baths with Moulton and Black bathfoam. Walking in the rain on warm summer’s days.

Food: Oysters, Chateuabriand, Elk steak (available in Dorchester, to order), Pizza!

Wine: Chateauneuf du Pape 1964, Sancerre 1966, Margaux 1988

TV: Ross Kemp , anything with science and nature involved

Restaurants: Ivy, Dorchester, Claridges, Wolseley, Nobu

Clubs; Tramps, Annabels, Studio 54 in New York

Books: Liar’s Poker, Tolstoy, Kafka, Around the World in 60 days

Holiday: Maldives, Home in Surrey!

War: For the heroism it creates

Simple stuff


People with inflated egos

American brats

The coldness of capitalism, the unfeeling government

Starvation in Africa

Taxis in London

Le Gavroche (overrated)

El Bulli (couldn’t get a table)

Oil conflict (c’mon people its only black sludge!)

Sour cream and chives



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